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Owning a Business in a Historic Building

As a business owner in Historic Downtown Pocatello, you have a unique opportunity to care for a historic building.  Curb appeal is everything when it comes to attracting new customers and building a successful business. Work with your property owner to be sure minor repairs are made promptly and major repairs or planned for. There are resources available to property owners for larger maintenance and repair work. Those resources are outlined in the Property Owners section of this website.


Keep sidewalks swept, shoveled and free of trash and debris.


Keep all landscaping in tip-top shape all year round.  Water, mow and fertilize grass.  Weed flower beds and landscape set back areas.  Plant flowers and plants native to this area.

Spruce up

Add flower pots by your front door and back door.  Hang an American Flag or merchandise the outside of your building like you do this inside!


Keep wood framed windows painted and sealed.  If needed, sand and repaint promptly.

Clean Gutters

Keep drain spouts and gutters clean and debris free.

Graffiti Removal

Clean graffiti within three days. Statistics prove quick removal or painting over graffiti, depending on the surface, deters future tagging and damage.


Is there an old sign frame or worse yet a sign from a previous business hanging on your building?  There is financial assistance available for the removal or replacement of old, abandoned signs.  The two documents below outline these resources.  All business owners are encouraged to work with the property owners to have current signs in place at all times, excluding historic neon signs and ghost signs.  If you are unsure about these two sign classifications, please contact the Historic Downtown Pocatello office at 208-232-7545.

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