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It's easy to get so wrapped up in the day to day challenges of running a business, that we all forget to take a look at the basics.

Can Your Potential Customers Find You?

Review how your customers will get to know you. Do you have a website, or do you need one, we can help if you do. Are you using Social Media, if not, why? Are you using a landline or a cell phone? Search for your business online and see if you can find yourself. If you have a tough time, will your potential customers be successful or become frustrated and move on?

Are you Building a Customer Base?

When you earn a customer, don't lose them. At that very first transaction collect a mailing address and email address. Keep in touch often. Mail birthday cards, holiday cards, information about special events. Keep it professional and focused. Use both snail mail and email for variety. Don't over do it, more than weekly contact is too much.

Do you Have Consistent Hours?

If you post an opening and closing time, stick to it. Customers expect you to be there when you say you will. Don't disappoint them, they may not come back.

Is Your Entry Way Welcoming and Inviting?

Take a minute and walk through your front door, not the back door you always go in. Does your entry way invite customers to come in? Flower pots, lights, flags, are all inviting. Graffiti, trash, dirty windows, and old posters are not.

Are Your Windows Fresh and Clean?

Your window displays should be changed often and should show your current merchandise. Of course, the glass needs to be shiny clean so folks can see your display. If you need help learning how to put together effective window displays, just let us know. There are several pros downtown that would be happy to help.

Are you Appealing to all of the Senses of Your Shoppers?

That's pretty easy if you are a bakery or restaurant, but not so easy if you are a bookstore or antique store. Be sure your store smells fresh and appealing.

Do you Need Professional Help?

That may sound like a loaded question, but it's not meant to be. Every business owner needs help along the way. Do you need to hire a bookkeeping firm? Are you going to hire a new employee and need help with interviewing or have human resource questions? Do you need to talk with a banker to review your business loan? There are a variety of needs and we have advocates from various firms that would be happy to sit down and speak with you. We'd be happy to make a recommendation.

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