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Owning a Historic Building

As a property owner in Historic Downtown Pocatello, you have an asset that should grow in value if properly cared for and maintained. You're not in it alone. Buildings and parking lots require routine work so they will still be standing and in use a hundred years from now.

  • Keep parking lots swept, shoveled and re-stripped. Seal Coating will help extend the life of the asphalt.
  • Keep all landscaping in tip-top shape all year round.  Water, mow and fertilize grass. Weed flower beds and landscape set back areas. Plant flowers and plants native to this area.
  • Keep wood framed windows painted and sealed. If needed, sand and repaint promptly.
  • Boards on windows are not acceptable unless prior approval has been obtained from the Historic Preservation Commission. Broken windows should be replaced, not boarded up.
  • Keep drain spouts and gutters clean and debris free.
  • Clean graffiti within three days. Statistics prove quick removal or painting over graffiti, depending on the surface, deters future tagging and damage.
  • Keep sidewalks swept, shoveled and free of trash and debris.
  • Budget for and schedule, concrete repair, brick re-pointing, a new roof when needed, building repaint and trim. Just like with your home, curb appeal is everything. You will attract and retain tenants, they will build successful businesses and your property value will increase if you take proper care of your property.
  • When planning any sign/awning work work, replacement or a new sign/awning or any major work to your building be sure to speak with the Historic Preservation Commission prior to the work beginning. They are familiar with the codes for a historic building and have vast knowledge and experience. They are a resource and can be very helpful. Terri Neu is the current City of Pocatello staff person serving the Commission. Terri can be reached by calling 208-234-6500.
Design Guidelines

Facade Improvement Program

Property owners have the opportunity to make improvements to buildings located in the Business Improvement District or in the Historic Warehouse District using the facade improvement loan fund and sign program. Click below to read about the programs available to property owners.

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Sign Awning Matching Funds Grant Guide
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