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Historic Downtown Pocatello works for you, our property owners, to strengthen 

and continue to develop Downtown Pocatello.

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What Have we Done?

  • $1.8 Million of Community Development Block Grant Funding.
  • Over $14 Million in Private Investment through rehabilitation & construction.
  • Over $17 Million in Public Investment.
  • Increased Property Values - 2012 Operation Facelift Gate City Boxing Building.
  • Increased Occupancy.
  • Public Art - Passages of Time Sculpture, 29 Literary Pavers, Trappers Park Public Art, High Winds Outdoor Gallery.
  • Greenspace Development - Dudunake Park, old JC Penney Parking Lot, Pocatello High School Parking Lot, Downtown Pavilion, Leadership Pocatello Park, landscape improvements at Simplot Square, Downtown Bark Park.
  • Parking Lot Enhancements - LED lighting, landscape improvement/replacement along N. Union Pacific Ave.

  • Beautification - holiday decorations, blue garbage cans, blue benches, hanging flower baskets, trees, tree lights.

Some of our Current Projects

  • Center Street Underpass Design Concept Project incorporating new parking lot along the 100 Block of South Union Pacific Avenue.
  • Work with the City of Pocatello to utilize Community Development Block Grant money for sidewalk, curb and gutter replacement on the 300-500 blocks of North Main Street.
  • Work to encourage facade projects at five additional sites - Operation Facelift 2013.
  • Proceed with 300 Block Model Project which incorporates facade projects on both front and backsides of buildings and development of public green space.
  • Landscape improvements at East side parking lot including           kiosk sign with map and brochures. Additional trash cans &    benches.
  • Commissioned piece of public art at the Downtown Pavilion.

Why a Strong and Developing Downtown Area is Important

"Why should we invest in downtown?" Great question! The Downtown Pocatello area is an important and worthwhile investment in the economic health and quality of life in your community.

  • A vital Downtown retains and creates jobs, which also means a stronger tax base. Long-term revitalization establishes capable businesses that use public services and provide tax revenues for the community.
  • Downtown is also a good incubator for new small businesses – the building blocks of a healthy economy. Strip centers and malls are often too expensive for new entrepreneurs.
  • A vital Downtown area reduces sprawl by concentrating retail in one area and uses community resources wisely, such as infrastructure, tax dollars and land.
  • Provide an extremely stable economic foundation, as opposed to a few large businesses and chains with no ties to stay in the community.
  • A revitalized Downtown increases the community’s options for goods and services: whether for basic staples, like clothing, food and professional services or less traditional function such as housing and entertainment.
  • A healthy Downtown core protects property values in surrounding residential neighborhoods.
  • The traditional commercial district is an ideal location for independent businesses, which in turn: Keep profits in town. Chain businesses send profits out of town. Supports local families with family-owned businesses. Supports local community projects, such as ball teams and schools.
  • Many Downtown districts become tourist attractions by virtue of the character of buildings, location, selection of unique businesses, and events held there.
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