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Historic Downtown Pocatello has an Exciting Future Ahead of us!

While we love our past, we are looking forward to the future development of our beloved downtown and adjacent neighborhoods.  The Pocatello Downtown Development Plan - A Vision for the 21st Century

The Pocatello Downtown Development Plan provides the City and the community, an ambitious vision for the future of Downtown Pocatello. It provides a foundational framework for downtown success, goals and strategies to implement the vision. This plan should be utilized as a playbook by the City of Pocatello, Historic Downtown Pocatello, Inc., business and property owners, investors, developers and various community organizations in determining priorities and strategies to accomplish the goals of the vision within Downtown and the surrounding areas.

Join our neighborhood!  Whether you are interested in purchasing a building, opening a new business or living Downtown, the future is exciting.  Be part of it!

To learn more about purchasing a building or opening a new business, please contact Historic Downtown Pocatello at 208-232-7545.

To learn more about housing opportunities and available residential properties, please contact NeighborWorks Pocatello at 208-232-9468.

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