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So Much to Learn & So Much History

Historic Downtown Pocatello is the heart of our community and the heart still beats strong!

Judy Garland sang about it in a "Star Is Born."

It's mentioned in Sam Peckingpah's "Ride The High Country."

And Ken Maynard played dual roles in "The Pocatello Kid."

But, Pocatello wasn't invented by the movies.

Pocatello was the real West.

After all, Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid robbed their first bank not far from here, Which was in Wilcox Wyoming. Butch Cassidy had actually robbed a bank in Montpelier Idaho before he had met up with Sundance, and stole around 500,000 dollars worth of silver and gold.

A rough n' tumble railroad town, Pocatello began life at the crossroads of the Oregon and California Trails.  With its share of saloons, opium dens, houses of ill repute and a complex network of tunnels with underground escape routes, the town attracted more than a few colorful people.  Names like Hattie Dell, Colonel Steptoe, Dare Devel Dick and Montana Charlie frequently made news on the front page of The Pocatello Tribune, usually on the wrong side of the law.

Pocatello also sported its fair-share of culture.  Many opera houses (including The Princess Theater where Judy Garland's character in "A Star Is Born" was "born in a trunk"), a substantial high school and by 1903, the beginnings of what would become Idaho State University.  Over the years, The Auditorium, The Lyric, The Center Street Orpheum, The Gem & Star, The Crown, The Rex and The Capitol opened to entertain the growing population.  Although none still exist as theaters, some of the buildings are still standing.

Much of what was.....still is.  Look at the rooflines of many of the buildings along Main and Center Streets and you'll see dates:  1892, 1900, 1903, 1905.  You'll see names:  Franklin, Carlyle, Lewis and Sonnenklab.  And you'll see relics of social groups long gone and some still in existence:  WOW (Woodsmen of the World), and IOOF (Independent Order of Odd Fellows).  This City was built by folks who proudly left their mark on the buildings they constructed.

These buildings still live.  Not as museums, or as a homage to the past; but as a working marriage of historic beauty and modern functionality.

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